List of PhD topics

DC01 - position filled

Design and development of photonic integrated circuits for optical fibre sensing interrogation

Local supervisor: Antonio FERNANDEZ-LOPEZ

Host Institution: UPM, Madrid, Spain 

DC02 - position closed

High speed/High capacity distributed FBG sensing for SHM applications

Local supervisor: Sylvain MAGNE

Host institution: CEA, Paris, France

DC03 - position filled

Efficient sensor data acquisition via compressed sensing for autonomous sensor applications

Local supervisor: Florian RĂ–MER

Host institution: Fraunhofer, Ilmenau, Germany

DC04 - position filled

Embedded self-powered sensor devices for passive monitoring of composite components

Local supervisor: Vincent LE CAM

Host institution: UEiffel, Nantes, France

DC05 - position filled

Joint processing and inversion of active and passive ultrasonic data

Local supervisor: Vera LAY

Host institution: BAM, Berlin, Germany

DC07 - position filled

Nonlinear Coda Wave Interferometry imaging (NCWIi) with active and passive pumps

Local supervisor: Pierric MORA

Host institution: UEiffel, Nantes, France

DC09 - position filled

Study on environmental and operational conditions for SHM systems

Local supervisor: Jaime GARCIA-ALONSO

Host institution: Airbus, Getafe, Spain

DC10 - position filled

Sensor data fusion and analysis for reliable premature detection of degradation in full-scale assets

Local supervisor: Yves VAN INGELGEM

Host institution: Zensor, Brussels, Belgium

DC11 - position filled

Embedded wireless sensor devices for monitoring composite components

Local supervisor: Anthony CROXFORD

Host institution: UBRI, Bristol, United Kingdom